Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More products to get you clean and green (:


I admit it - I have a bit of an obsession with bath and beauty products (as you may already be able to ascertain from the Sampler's contents...).  On the other hand, I also want to make sure there's as little repetition as possible in this package, so I've focused my efforts on finding great Etsy sellers that offer a variety of (non-soap) personal care products that will help you primp and preen while staying green (see what I did there? *cheesy grin*).  So who have we got?

cleanjellybean I'm *so* excited about this one!  Well, I am about all of the participating shops, but in this case the shop owner, Care, was such an absolute pleasure to deal with that I literally can't wait for the samples to arrive.  She started making soaps and lotions when her youngest (Mikey) was allergic to just about everything. She had to come up with something that would keep him rash free, soft and smelling good. After finding her handmade soaps and lotions worked the best, she began making different versions for friends and family. Before long the requests started rolling in. All Clean Jellybean products are tested before ever being sold to the public, so rest assured you are getting something that we truly believe you will love.  CleanJellybean offers tons of vegan products, including soap, lotions and bath teas, in a wide variety of scents.  All products are handmade in small batches, with the utmost care taken to ensure high quality from start to finish.  They're also made with sustainable palm oil (good news for orangutan lovers!) and phalate-free essential oils and fragrances, and with scents like "beach," "strawberry champagne" and "fresh rain" there are tons of great new summer loves just waiting to be discovered!

BellaYarns offers crochet face cloths, facial scrubbies, dish cloths, dish sponges, and bath and shower scrubbies (phew) in delightfully cheerful colours!  I'm also very excited about this addition to the Sampler, because I love the idea of finding simple ways to 'greenify' the things we already use on a daily basis.  A couple of months ago I stopped buying disposable cotton facial pads (also known as toner pads) and started using reusable flannelet pads and face cloths to wash and tone my face.  They're just as simple to use as their disposable counterparts, but they get way more mileage - I just toss them in the washing machine with the rest of my laundry to get them nice and clean after use.  The real difference is in how much I have managed to cut back on waste by using them; I definitely recommend making the switch.  Plus, with BellaYarn's colour names like "citrus punch" and "sunny orange," how could you not feel slightly uplifted every time you see them?  Her shop is definitely one worth checking out if you have been considering the switch from disposable to reusable!

and, the last Sampler-teaser for the day...
GreenLivingSoap offers soaps, balms and oils that are 100% natural!  I love when I can say that about a shop (:  But really, who better to describe the shop than its owner?  Here's what Esmeralda, the brains and the beauty behind GreenLivingSoap, has to say:
"The idea behind my shop is as follows: the more I see of commercial bath and body products, the less I like them. I don't want to buy expensive soap and creams where I'm maybe familiar with one or two ingredients and where I end up with lots of plastic and other packaging materials, so I started making my own.
As a biologist I love plants and the way they affect us. Sometimes it's their scent that brings back positive memories or calms the mind, or it's their beneficial properties for certain skin issues. All of my products are vegan, apart from some of my balms that contain beeswax. I believe in wholesome products from good sources and try to use as many fair trade and organic ingredients as possible."

Vegan, organic and fair trade with minimal packaging and an eco-conscious ethos?  Got my vote!

That's all for today, but remember to check out our other participating shops (you can also scroll down for more detailed descriptions of each shop, or click on the links to be magically transported to their shops):
fbessentials, HoneyBeeSoapShop, SouthernVTsoap, littlewhitechapel, charmedincolorado, Dodeline Design, thepixie, NassimNaturals, SilverFirsFarm, ScentedLuxuries, SinfullySoyCandles, and The Kupcake Shop

For those of you keeping track, that's 15 sellers involved so far.  I'm still in talks with a few other shops, but I do have one or two spots remaining for participating sellers.  If you're interested in getting your products in the AmuseBoite Sampler, send me a note at thepixieDOTetsy[at!]gmailDOTcom (or convo "thepixie", through Etsy) to get involved.  AmuseBoite is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly and eco-friendly - heck, it's all kinds of friendly!  In other words, I can't wait for your message (:

Be sure to check back later in the week for more updates!
We're in the final stretch - packages will soon be ready... (:


Patrizia April 8, 2010 at 8:55 PM

Cool. I like the handmade wash cloths etc!

Tess April 9, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Thanks for suggesting your blog, I love it! My boyfriend and I are always looking for good organic bath/body products so I'm definitely going to be coming back often!

thepixie April 9, 2010 at 4:18 PM

Awesome! I hope you end up loving these items (and sellers) as much as I do (:

maureencracknell April 13, 2010 at 6:20 PM

Great -- I try to buy all green for me and my family. Your info is really helpful. Be sure to come back every day this month and keep commenting to win my owl doll giveaway. : )
~ Maureen

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