Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The last (but certainly not least!) seller addition!


That's it - we've got all of our sellers!

Our final and most recent additon is ivykeep - purveyor of gourmet loose tea leaves in fabulous flavours that you won't find at the grocery store.  Now I've been a coffee drinker for most of my adult life, but over the past year and a half I've started to get more into teas.  I'm a lady with simple tastes - plain ol' English Breakfast and Earl Grey (easy on the bergamot) are my go-to choices - but I'm also as curious as a cat, and so I find myself purchasing ever-more creative flavours on a whim.  I've actually tried ivykeep's teas before - a few months ago, a friend sent me a surprise gift with a bunch of samples of various handmade products (acquired via Etsy, no doubt), and ivykeep's After Dinner Mint tea was amongst them.  While never something I would have purchase for myself (remember: simple palate), I was very impressed by the lovely balance of sweet and minty.  Unlike most flavoured coffees and teas, it was sweet without being overpowering and I didn't get knocked over by the mint.  It was lovely and delicate - subtly sweet and smooth.  As a die-hard foodie, I would highly recommend it!

Come to think of it, those Jamaican Rum and Canadian Maple teas also sound very intriguing... (and yes, I am 'one of those Canadians' that puts maple syrup on everything. Can you blame us?  That stuff is liquid sunshine!)

Now I haven't really mentioned it (bad blogger!), mostly because I haven't been 100% sure about their commitment level, but we do have a number of other Etsy sellers who are involved in the Sampler packages.  Sellers like ASenseofPlacePhotography, and KissVamps who can't really produce samples of their work, but who want to contribute all the same.  While their additions won't count towards the total number of "samples" in the packages, they will be providing materials such as business cards, coupons/discounts, price lists, and/or postcards displaying their work, etc.  The more, the merrier, as I see it!

I think that's just about it for me today!

...wait, what was that?  You want another teaser?  Oh, alright - I suppose I can indulge your curiosity *once again*

Seriously, just look at that haul!  That's still only items from 11 of the sellers, which means that there will be almost twice as many samples before the boxes are ready to go.  I've literally got goosebumps just thinking about it (:

Don't forget to check the sellers out for yourselves!
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