Become an AmuseBoite contributor


I am currently looking for sellers to contribute items for upcoming AmuseBoites.  I accept a variety of submissions - sample items, business cards, postcards, artist cards, coupons and promotional items and offers - and all contributors are featured on the "This month's Boite!" page, regardless of the kind of item you submit.  Please keep in mind, however, that only actual product samples or items count towards the 20 item total in the AmuseBoite (ie: not business cards or promotional materials), and so only sellers who provide such items will receive compensation.  Sellers are responsible for the cost of the items they contribute, and for the shipping of those products to my door.

There are no additional charges to participate, and no additional fees to be featured as a participant!

I especially enjoy products and items that are:
  - vegan-friendly
  - eco-friendly (sustainable ingredients, minimal and/or biodegradable packaging, made from
     re-purposed or recycled materials,etc.)
  - cruelty-free
  - beautifully packaged (I'm a sucker for pretty presentation)

Want to find out more or become involved with AmuseBoite?
Just send me an email (thepixie DOT etsy [at!] gmail DOT com) with the following information:

♠ your name
♠ your Etsy username / shop name
♠ your website/Etsy shop url
♠ in which month(s) would you like to participate?
♠ how many samples would you contribute (in multiples of 5)?
♠ please also include a short paragraph describing you, your shop and your products (we like to include a short write-up in every box, so that buyers can get a better sense of from whom their lovely new gifts have come)
...and any questions you may have that I can answer for you (: