Thursday, May 6, 2010

...and they're up!


UPDATE: The first few samplers flew off the shelves within minutes of being listed!
Only the NEXT BUYER will get to choose his/her samples, if he/she so desires - after that, samples will be selected at random. Love/hate a particular scent or colour? This is the last chance to have your way!


It's been over a month of planning, convoing, buying, shipping, and anxiously awaiting, but the samplers are finally ready to head out the door!

You can click on the images below to be taken directly to the AmuseBoite etsy shop, where you can purchase your very own sampler. Keep in mind that the first 5 people to purchase boxes will get to choose the scents/colours of their box contents (if they so desire), so if you have a preference one way or another I wouldn't sit on the fence for too long (:

Happy Thursday!


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